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This Spring THT presented Navigators, by Toni Cabré, a hilarious comedy about two people who believe in the virtues of social media. A man and a woman get online to find out what’s happening, to share their feelings, to have fun… Maybe because of they are online, they feel less isolated and somehow happier. But online relationships are very complicated!

Like many of us, the two character in Navigators are lonely. They want to break out of their routine, so they navigate the web to find someone else who wants to play a game.

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Our fall show, Happily Ever after, consisted of three short plays framed by two monologues, reflecting on love and its challenges. The short plays, Misunderstandings, Don’t Take it Personally and Melodrama present couples in different stages of a relationship, portraying their romantic struggles, fears, and insecurities, hurdles anyone surely can relate to. The two monologues An Ugly Boyfriend and Perceptions give us the insight into the minds of two women struggling with jealousy and self-doubt. These pieces of dark comedy, written by Spanish playwright Cristina Colmena, present in an amusing and incisive way the complicated patterns love relationships are made of.

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Tallahassee Hispanic Theater embraced the concept of Micro Theater, started in 2009 in Spain, presenting a group of short plays  performed in the same space: the Carriage House at Goodwood Museum. Micro-theater is a form of theater very popular these days in Spain, Latin America and places like Miami and New York. It brings short stage performances up close to the audience in unusual venues.

Besides the plays, the audience had the opportunity to enjoy drinks and Hispanic food,  and  live music, interpreted by Charles Santiago and Jesse García.

This was a non-traditional theater event, where the audience was able to enjoy the setting, the music, and the performances presented all in the same open space, while moving freely around the space and mingling with others. These are the plays presented:

The Madwoman of Chaillot Updated

A Brief Encounter Updated

A trip To the Future Updated

And the OscarShould go to... Updated

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“Blind Date”, by the Argentinian playwright Mario Diament, is inspired by the writings of Jorge Luis Borges, an acclaimed Argentinian poet, essayist and short-story writer. The play tells the story of an elderly blind man who draws confessors to him as he sits on a park bench. They discuss mid-life crises, time, love, fate and missed opportunities while addressing universal human concerns.
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Forever Yours, Julita by Roberto Ramos-Perea

This play deals with important issues of artistic integrity, male/female roles in Latin American society, and Puerto Rico’s relationship with the United States.

The play begins in 1914. Julia is 19. She has written her first book of poetry and is seeking recognition. That night she attends a party given by a well-known poet, Luis, who is celebrating an important prize he has won. Luis receives the young woman who gives him a copy of her book of poetry to obtain his opinion. A no-holds-barred relationship starts up between them: disciple, political enemy, rival poet and lover.

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Anna in the Tropics

By Nilo Cruz

The importance of stories and their power to change our lives are celebrated in this Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Nilo Cruz.The play is set in 1929 in Ybor City, a section of Tampa, and the center of the cigar industry. When Cuban immigrants brought the cigar-making industry to Florida in the 19th century, they carried with them another tradition. As the workers toiled away in the factory hand-rolling each cigar, the lector, historically well-dressed and well-spoken, would read to them. In this story, the lector reads Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, sparking the characters’ lives and relationships to spin out of control.


The Girl Who Waters Basil and The Very Inquisitive Prince

By Federico García Lorca

This is the only play Lorca wrote for children. It’s the tale of a poor shoemaker’s daughter and a lovesick inquisitive prince. The play is based on an old Andalusian story. “Federico Garcia Lorca, one of Spain’s greatest poets and playwrights, brings us a delightful fairy tale that speaks of the importance of treating others with respect-particularly those we love.” David Mellinger, author of the book García Lorca, Federico, 1898-1936.


Nights of Ephemeral Love

By Paloma Pedrero

Nights of Ephemeral Love offer three stories that explore different traits in human relationships: the struggle for power, the effects of cruelty, the paradox of loving and hating at the same time and the intensity of the feelings that two people experience at various stages of their relationship. With a touch of humor and vivid language Pedrero presents an acute look at modern relationships and our constant desire for human connection.