A Night at the Cottage

We are excited to be gearing up for our first event of the season, Hispanic Night at the Cottage! It will be a wonderful weekend of poetry, live music, refreshments, and the centerpiece of the event: a monologue by Paloma Pedrero, From Mary to Mary.

From Mary to Mary tells the story of a mother’s deep love for her infant daughter.  But this isn’t just any mother and daughter . . . The mother is Mary Wollstonecraft, the famous philosopher and women’s rights advocate of the 18th century, and her daughter, Mary Shelley, who would go on to write the Gothic masterpiece novel, Frankenstein.

In this beautiful monologue, written by the award-winning Spanish playwright, Paloma Padrero, Wollstonecraft shares all of her love, dreams and life lessons with her infant daughter in the final moments before her tragic and untimely death. 

Mark your calendars, November 7th and 8th we will be presenting the performances in English and on November 10th, for the first time this season, we are very proud to present our performance entirely in Spanish!

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Forever Yours, Julita


IMG_7375 (2)
Photo by Dana Weber

Tallahassee Hispanic Theater presents its new production: Forever Yours, Julita, a play by Puerto Rican playwright Roberto Ramos-Perea. This play deals with important issues of artistic integrity, male/female roles in Latin American society, and Puerto Rico’s relationship with the United States. The play begins in 1914. Julia is 19. She has written her first book of poetry and is seeking recognition. That night she attends a party given by a well-known poet, Luis, who is celebrating an important prize he has won. Luis receives the young woman who gives him a copy of her book of poetry to obtain his opinion. A no-holds-barred relationship starts up between them: disciple, political enemy, rival poet and lover. Their relationship will continue through their lives until the end of the play in 1942.

The performances will be at the Monticello Opera House, November 17-18 at 8:00 p.m.

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Blind Date, by Mario Diament at Goodwood Museum on March 15-16.

Lanny 2
Lanny Thomas as the Blind Man. Photo by Oliver Juliet.

Inspired by the literary world of the great Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges who explored the illusion of time and space, and ventured into parallel worlds, the infinite, and “other realities”, Blind Date takes on the kaleidoscopic concept of time to tell a story of love, passion and chance encounters.


Blind man: Lanny Thomas
Man: Victor Duncan
Young woman: Robin Jackson
Woman: Marcy Palmer
Therapist: Louise Reid Ritchie

Directed by Judi Persons


March 15-16 at Goodwood Museum. Get your tickets here

March 23-24 at FSU Fine Arts Annex

8:00 p.m.